Our Commitment

The antiques we work on are not merely furniture. They represent your memories and treasured moments. As such, we promise:

  • Every piece that comes into our shop will receive the respect and care it deserves.
  • Every piece that leaves our shop will be held to our exacting standards. If we wouldn’t want our piece restored that way, we won’t restore yours that way.

Full Restoration

Having your antique furniture restored can feel like trusting someone with priceless treasure. We understand. Because we’ve been in the antique restoration industry for over 30 years, we practice the techniques and methods that prevent potential errors.

We work primarily with hand tools, especially when sanding. Hand-sanding allows us to restore the piece while protecting the patina. We even hand-carve replacement elements to match your original piece’s missing parts.

When you trust Memory Lane to restore and refinish your antique, you will receive a museum-quality piece in return that has been sealed inside and out to ensure it outlives you.

Mirror Resilvering

Restoring your mirror to its original shine is an important step in fully restoring your vintage or antique furniture. For our 30-plus years as antique restoration specialists, we have worked on mirrors just like yours. We take every precaution to protect your piece and use a regimented process for every mirror to avoid mistakes.


While some re-upholstery shops only focus on restoring your furniture to its original state, we have found that this rigid approach can render your antique furniture unusable or, at the very least, uncomfortable.

Every piece is restored with the intent that you will be able to enjoy it without worrying about wearing and tear. We want your piece to outlive you and be a useful addition to your home.