Need another nightstand to match the one-of-a-kind nightstand you already purchased? Want your antique bed frame to be king-size instead of standard? We can handle it all. 

How do we do it? It’s simple.

Step 1) Get a quote

After you fill out our contact form, we’ll give you a call to discuss your project in detail and give you a quote based on the materials, process, and labor. There will never be any hidden fees or sudden change orders. Your quoted price is what you pay. 

Step 2) Get Started

Once you’ve agreed to the quote and signed the contract, we’ll get started. We take your piece into our shop and get to work!

Step 3) Get Personalized

We’ll work with you to determine the stain colors and make sure they match your vision and the period from which your piece originates.

Step 4) Enjoy Your Furniture

After we’ve restored your furniture to its original beauty, your piece is ready to leave our shop. We offer local delivery and in-store pickup. 

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